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Exiles Painting (one mans fight against the lead mountain)

WaMP's Help for Heroes

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So what is it all about you ask, Help for Heroes is a UK charity which is raising funds to help wounded soldiers

"Itís about the blokes, our men and women of the Armed Forces. Itís about Derek, a rugby player who has lost both his legs, itís about Carl whose jaw is wired up so he has been drinking through a straw. Itís about Richard who was handed a mobile phone as he lay on the stretcher so he could say goodbye to his wife. Itís about Ben, itís about Steven and Andy and Mark, itís about them all. They are just blokes but they are our blokes; they are our heroes. We want to help our heroes."
taken from the website
I grew up on a military camp and was in Cyprus during the first gulf war, while I have not served myself I have many friends who have and I am humbled by the work they do day in day out. So I have had an idea for a few years to raise money with Wargames/ figure painting, and I have decided that its time I got up off my backside and made it happen.
The Plan
Over the next 12 months I will try and get all you good lads and lasses to paint figures for me, these figures I will provide (hopefully). Then in December 2011 they will be sold off to the highest bidder and the money given to Help for Heroes. I would love to be able to do several armies but I plan to start with just two. The first is a 3000 pts Crimson Fist SM army and the second a 2000 pts Flames of War German army (15mm). The army will contain individual figures as well as vehicles and units so there is something for every one to help out.
I have already started to drag a few more people into helping me with this mad cap idea, and as we speak I have the 15mm army and a couple of the SM bits ready.
What can you do?
For now all I need is peoples names who would like to help, be it with painting or with the general planning. I will be starting a blog on where I will keep track of this year long quest.

I do understand this is an international forum while this is a UK Charity, but I am offering you the chance to paint some nice figures for only the cost of posting them back to me
I will keep you in touch with things via this blog and when its set up I will link in the external blog.
Thank you all for taking the time to read this
Peace James
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  1. precinctomega's Avatar
    I'll be giving the lists you sent me a good look over, during Christmas, and working out what I can provide, miniatures-wise.