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In Chigh

My final week as a Scotsman...

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Been planning my move to Germany for several weeks now, no problems so far, but now im at 'T-minus 7 days' its started to hit me how much of a change this is really going to be for me

A good friend of mine recently asked if i was going to become one of these horrible 'ex-pats' who bleat on about thier 'heritage and history' etc...

I said 'of course not!' haha, how could i miss this little 'hole of a country!

Now the time grows closer im finding myself watching bloody bagpipe music on youtube, especially the Gordon highlanders bits of 'Waterloo' (the 70's movie)

Im now discussing (with 'soon to be' Mrs Inchigh) the possibility of hiring a kilt for our forthcoming wedding ffs!!!

Anyone know the german translation of 'Saor Alba'?

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  1. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    All the very best for your move In Chigh, a few feelings of trepidation are only natural and it'll probably take a while for things to settle down after the move, but if it's what you want then 'go for it' as they say. Where we come from is an important part of who we are and you should never be worried about pride in that, just enjoy the new chapter in your life and good luck with the wedding.
  2. Darklord's Avatar
    well the scottish and the germans - neither like the English so youll be ok !! Seriously though best of luck with it mate hope it helps keep things on track for you
  3. shanerozzell's Avatar
    Best of luck from me as well and don't stay away from the forum, keep us posted on whats happening
  4. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    good luck with the move
  5. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I think you can take a scotsman out of scotland but he will always be a scotsman. Safe trip and hope you settle in quickly and gratz on the wedding.
    Peace James
  6. In Chigh's Avatar
    Thanks guys, i really appreciate your thoughts and wishes
  7. Hinton's Avatar
    Good luck with the move. Change is usually a difficult and it sounds like you're going to be making a pretty major one by moving to a totally different country. While you may miss Scotland, and there's nothing wrong with that at all, you get to go and explore a whole new place.
  8. In Chigh's Avatar
    Cheers Hinton :)
  9. David's Avatar
    Glad to hear you're not going to be another one of those sad ex-pats slagging off the foreigners while guzzling Watney's Red Barrel and Double Diamond. I'm keen to "go French" as much as possible when I move at the beginning of next year. Living in another country is a huge opportunity and I plan to embrace it.

    Not that I don't have my moments of the collywobbles! Four weeks to go and we still don't have a removals company booked, definite places for the kids in the local school and letting/selling my house just got "interesting".

    Just remember that if you have a bad day (and you will), you can close the door at the end of the day and pretend you're back home for the evening
  10. In Chigh's Avatar
    Cheers David :)

    Now that you mention it i did have one of those bad days on friday (freezing cold, blizzard conditions and going crazy trying to deal with german govt/councils/banks etc..)

    Hoping for a better day tomorrow

    All the best for your own move too :)