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So I did some painting last night...

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...and I enjoyed it!

A common theme in the blogs and on the forum lately has been the stress we cause ourselves by setting unrealistic goals and how the solution is to enjoy the doing and let the results come with time.

With that in mind, I packed my wife off to her industry dinner last night, got the kids in bed and got my paints out.

I have a bunch of Tyranids from a previous foray into the hobby. They'd been carefully assembled, primed in black and then put away. I got five of them out of my figure case and formed a plan. I was going to:

  1. Try out my new wet palette
  2. Endeavor to thin my paints more
  3. Paint the five Tyranids at once by replicating each step on each figure before going on to the next stage
  4. Have fun and not stress myself out

Well my wet palette was a big success. I'd expected to find adapting to it harder than it turned out to be. My paints stayed workable for far longer and went onto the model much more easily. I didn't suffer from problems with my brush getting "sticky" as I did before and I had much more control. I was able to get much better results and the model didn't look so rubbery. I did have a tendency to keep the brush more heavily loaded than perhaps I should but it didn't cause me any real problems and as long as I'm aware of it, it's something I can bear in mind next time I paint.

I didn't get paint on anything other than the first Tyranid so experimenting with army painting will have to wait for another time. Perhaps I'll complete one of them and then apply the lessons I learned to the rest as a batch.

Most importantly, I had fun. I tried a few things and learned from the doing. I made a few mistakes and learned from those too.

All in all, it was two hours well spent. I didn't get very far with the model (having base-coated the skin and completed a three-stage highlight, I then washed the model with a neat GW wash which returned the model to the colour it had been after the base coat) but I had fun, learned, and I'm motivated to try again.

Updated 03-12-2010 at 07:50 PM by Darklord

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  1. exilesjjb's Avatar
    good to hear, I usually get a couple of hours a day on the brushes and think some time thats what keeps me sane. Also I never got stressed painting until I found the on-line community and tried to push things. Not that I regret it but some times you have more fun painting within yourself.
  2. Noddwyr's Avatar
    Good to hear that you are having fun painting. Thats what it is all about after all.
  3. Boris's Avatar
  4. Havoc7926's Avatar
    Great to hear you enjoyed your painting session. I demand pictures once they are done!

    I think Exiles makes a good point. Sometimes pushing yourself is good but sometimes learning slowly is less frustrating.
  5. Shades's Avatar
    Sounds like a tremendous milestone success, David. Congrats!
  6. Rychwa's Avatar
    So happy you where able to have fun. That's the biggest lesson with any hobby.