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Gaming on a Budget

Xmas bargins (part 1)

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Its that time of year, Christmas is just around the corner and its time for gaming bargins. So I'm going to look at some webistes where you can pick up some extra cheap gaming goodies. So we'll start at Model Zone ( and go to the special offers page.

So what bargins do they have, well in the 1/72 scale the following at all at 2.99

WW2 British 8th Army 1/72 -

German Army Crisi Reaction Force 1/72

Norman 1066 1/72

Vietcong Rebel Troops 1/72

Modern British Ground Troops 1/72

Anglo Saxons

German Afrika Korp 1/72

US troops Vietnam era 1/72

Also in the 1/72 scale is this WW2 US slef propelled gun, M-40 G.M.C. Long Tom With Diorama Base this is also 2.99

Also in 1/72 are a number of tank kits

KV-1S Soviet battle tank; this comprises of two tanks, yes I did say 2 and they are retailing at 2.99 a real bargin

The next is the SU-152 Soviet assault gun 2 tank set, this is also at 2.99

Both of these are on my wish list to accompany my 20mm Russians I've started painting.

Finally are the German 75mm le IG 18 infantry gun with crew 1/72 scale at 2.99

Updated 01-12-2010 at 09:21 PM by warhammergrimace

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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    Good stuff as always Jason - like the gun
  2. David's Avatar
    They are extraordinarily good value! Two 1/72 tanks for 2.99? Lordy!
  3. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    Best to buy the tanks on-line as apparently they are only avaliable in a few stores.
  4. Noddwyr's Avatar
    That is a great value. 2.99, is absurdly cheap for those tanks, might try to get some for weathering practice. Thanks for posting.
  5. seasonman's Avatar
    All tanks and indeed most special offers gone as of today . No wonder at those prices.
  6. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    damm and I didn't get those Russian tanks, knew I should have ordered some before they went.
  7. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    They're back on at some stores for the New Year Sales