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Exiles Painting (one mans fight against the lead mountain)

Something old something new!

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I had a fanastic weekend, the sun was out and my wife often says I am solar powered. I took Liz and the dogs out on Sunday and we had a blast. Back home I have been going back to my roots 1/35th. I am hoping to pair up with my local Model shop owner Paul to produce a Diorama for this years Euromilitaire, to which end Paul gave me some figures to practice on, you see the style is different that we are used to much less contrast and the blending has to be super smooth and no bright highlights.

these are my test subjects and I started one on Sunday did the flesh and the trousers. I had the chance to call into the model shop on monday to make sure the figure was going OK and by the way Paul spent most of the hour I was there gazing at the figure I think I am going in the rigt direction. I will post some pictures as soon as I get them taken.
The military model world has already give me a huge idea for a Dio to go in this years GD which I will need you guys to help with (I do not know the fluff an will need advice). What i plan to do is start a group which is invite only and in the group I will so WIP and ask advice so anyone who wants to help let me know i will invite you in.

Not much more to say so will leave you for now Peace James
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  1. ScottRadom's Avatar
    Enjoy it! Something about jumping up a scale really intimidates me. I've got a pile of 54mm and bigger figs, but I haven't started them yet. I even primed up my entry for Pegaso but just could NOT put paint to it. Maybe I'll have to dust it off..... anyway, keep it up and good luck!
  2. Boris's Avatar
    I'm solar powered too :)