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Boris' Ramblings

On being a ghostbuster

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Yesterday I got a new job as a ghostbuster, well for an hour or so anyway.
It was Indie Role Play day at Patriot Games, our local hobby store and I went down out of curiosity - OK, Jay wanted to go more than me, but I was happy enough to tag along.

I got roped into joining in a game that had already started, it was called Inspectres, and is based on the idea of running a ghostbusters-esque franchise. Our location was obviously, Sheffield! The team already consisted of a financial manager, an operations manager and a resources manager - plus a camera operator called Jack Russell (played by a girl called April).

I've only ever played a D&D intro once, and a few games of Call of Cthulu, so I'm not really an RPG player and the games I have played have involved miniatures. This game did not - but fortunately the rules were not complicated - at least as far as I was aware.

There was a GM who controlled the main plot, and when I joined in (my character was erm.. Boris the Professional Geek - so highly original) the team was recovering from an episode with a demonic kitten. I had a brief job interview and then assisted in visiting the local museum to discover what had happened to cause the death of a security guard in the Egyptian exhibit.

It turns out in this game, once 'per scene' (I'm not entirely sure when a scene started or ended) a player can call a time out and sit in a special chair. They then get to recount something about the events with the perspective of hindsight - with the idea that they are being filmed in a documentary - it's called a Confessional. So in this case one of the members said "We should never have teased George when he kept going on about mummies. How were we to know how right he would be?". This meant that a mummy had to creep into the storyline we were playing.

My character was able to ruin the glamour of the mummy with a successful technology roll and the aid of a wifi device! I found it quite a shock to be expected to explain 'what happened next' as I rolled successfully, but I got the hang of it after a while.

Basically the whole affair was a group story channelled by the GM and it was a lot of fun. I'm guessing much of what I've written about the game will not make any sense - and to be fair our story was pretty mad. A physic, levitating, goldfish who investigated ripples in the time continuum turned up at one point!

It was fun though, and it wasn't complicated - which was a big plus. I didn't know the people I was playing with, but they were welcoming and friendly.

If you want to try out something a bit mad with your friends, a handful of dice and something to use as tokens I suggest you check it out. The bare bones rules are free to download from the website:

Oh - and our offices were in a disused Fire Station - naturally!
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  1. Hinton's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, Boris!
  2. Dysartes's Avatar
    Having played Inspectres in the past, it is a great little game - I'm not convinced about how well a campaign would work, but as a convention game - or a get-people-into=roleplaying game - it's great.

    Just don't ask Mr Tinsley about how I managed to destroy Lady's Bridge - twice, in the same session.....