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'Excuse me waiter, there's a forum in my wiki.'

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So I accidentally float back into sculpting because that's where I always end up when I've become a creative salt lake (it's my happy place. ) as per usual (as I guess is routine with almost every painter/sculpter/gamer)I look up CMON and discover the awesome news on the painting wiki.
Finally drybrushing isn't synonymous with an eight part 2hour dvd course by almost golden demon winners (I'm sure they do a great deal more but the point remains.) So off I go to share my blasphemous misinformation with the world and learn something new and it is somewhere along this point I realize there's a forum. As of right now I'm in the process of catching up with current news both on forum and in gaming as a whole (got some six months backlog on the latter ) I think you guys got a great thing going on here, gonna meditate on the zine and rummage around the forums for a bit and see what pops up.
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  1. exilesjjb's Avatar
    welcome along to the forum, we like to think we are alright here. What are you sculpting ATM
  2. MonkeyShaman's Avatar
    Just started fiddling with some floaty banshees, although I should probably get going with my every person project, right now though I'm wrangling the wiki.
    And I just found the button to revert the order of forum posts.
    For a short moment I was certain you we're a bunch of closet psychics.
  3. Darklord's Avatar
    always great to welcome fresh blood to the site. The wiki is pretty bare right now but hopefully it will grow and become a useful place for us all to use
  4. MonkeyShaman's Avatar
    It's a great initiative, I think the tentative feel of the first week/s will probably settle as soon as people realize they won't break anything to bad and/or realize they all have stuff to contribute as we all have this one move thats always present and always have been and that we could perform flawlessly even in our sleep.