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The Wonderful World of Radom!

Restrained spending success(ish)!

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So I did good. I wanted nothing more than to order from Scibor the Uglyn Lovelord mini as soon as I saw it. But I made a vow to NOT order any more mini's until I got money from mini's. Well, took about a week but today I got paid from a commission prject and off I went! Might not sound like much, but waiting a week for me is a big deal. When it comes to patience all time in my world needs to be calculated in dog years. That week to me was 7 weeks to most people! That's nearly two months I waited! WOW!

So I really only wanted to order the one mini. Thing is, it cost 12 bucks. Shipping is also 12 bucks. So.... in order to decrease the hit on shipping I may as well order more stuff, right? Makes sense. Rather than order just the exact mini I wanted, if I order a half dozen mini's the shipping is only 2 bucks a crack, instead of 12! That's just good economic sense. Obama would be proud of my thrifty Canadian spending. And last time Scibor through in a couple bonus mini's! Wouldn't that be great if I got a bonus this time too! Oh man. That would be sweet. How do I subtley get their attention? I don't know subtle. I know it's a word, but I just don't get it.

Anyway, I'm super proud of myself for ordering that stuff when I did. I showed PATIENCE! Lack of patience was one of my very few personal flaws. Now that I've hurdled that obstacle I am just beaming with pride! It's tough getting much done nowadays though. With one hand patting my own back I only have one hand to do my work. It's TOUGH!
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  1. Hinton's Avatar
    Well done on practicing restraint!