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More thoughts, same pond.

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Deadlines. I always struggle with deadlines.

At one end of the scale, if I donít have one, I never finish anything. The lure of the next Ďgreat ideaí becomes too strong to resist way before the last Ďgreat ideaí is completed. My kitchen is currently sporting several figures in various stages of abandon. Some never even made it past the undercoat stage, some might only need an hour or two of tidying up but the common factor is that they simply are not going to be looked at in the foreseeable future. The problem is compounded by the fact that a great deal of my Ďgrey mountainí has been bought to game with. Now if I canít find the enthusiasm to finish a single model, the rest of the unit isnít going to get done is it!

The counterpoint to this is that I have figures that were completed to a deadline but have areas where I know I either took a short cut or just bodged it completely. Parts that stare at me accusingly from the model whispering their dismay at being left out and dragging my attention away from the better painted sections. Iíve also found that, for me personally, painting is only really possible and fun when Iím in the right frame of mind. Then itís a pleasure and itís also then I get my best results. Sitting down to work on a figure because I must only ever results in frustration and sometimes more rework required after the session than actual progress made during it.

Iím hoping that with all the extra deadlines available to me now that Iíve made WAMP my home I might be able to strike a happy medium between the two extremes. There are more than enough competitions and events to take part in that I should not feel distraught about missing one now and then. There is enough variety that I only need contemplate those that either grab my imagination or fit in with things that were already in the planning stage. The atmosphere is such that Iím more than happy to virtually place my humble creations next to those whose creators have far more talent than me.

With that said I need to get moving. Somehow Iíve already managed to commit myself to these two:

War machine painting contest (on another site) 24/11/2010
Exiles Army challenge, deadline 01/02/2011

Plus I have an idea that might be too good not to try for the WAMP Monthly XIV which I believe would need to be done for 22/11/2010

The clock is tickingÖÖ..
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  1. exilesjjb's Avatar
    if you need any pointers on quicker TT painting drop me a PM will help where I can
  2. Boris's Avatar
    If it helps pick a mini and don't give yourself a deadline other than 'in this 12 months' or something, then drop on him every once in a while, don't worry about how well you finish him, or when you finish him - just enjoy the painting. Take away any pressures and pick something that is not needed for a comp, unit etc, just a mini for the sake of painting a mini, and not a really fancy one either - cos they have they're own pressures. If you can find one, you'll really enjoy the freedom of painting it. Have fun!