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Gaming on a Budget

War of Bronze

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Its been a while since I lasted posted here, which I apologise for. My first post for a while is a quickie looking at a D20 Modern Pulp style D20 background, that could easily be used as a background for a skirmish wargame with a pulp feel. So for the first part of this post will look at the actual campaign setting, then I will add links to Pulp style miniatures.

City of Haven

The city of Haven is the epitome of what is right with the world, but it does have its dangerous spots. All in all, however, it is a very safe and interesting place to live. The city is growing both physically and spiritually with new technologies being invented on a daily basis. The city authorities and police force are doing their best to make sure that the people of Haven get to live in a safe and clean environment. The organized crime syndicates and secret organizations hide in the shadows that are cast by the twin illuminations of moral standards and civic responsibility. The people do not fear to walk the streets at night, scandal is almost unheard off and your private life is your own. The Empire City is the city of the future. The Haven: City of Bronze Campaign setting provides you with all the information that is needed to start you adventuring in Haven in the Neo-Pulp age.

War of Bronze

For the second time in the century, the flames of war engulf the world. In every corner of the earth, on the battlefield and in the shadows, powers old, new and unfathomably ancient jockey for control of mankindís destiny - whatever portion survives, anyway. Russia is torn with civil war, England and America fight a cold war for superpower status, a young Kaiser-to-be dreams of rebuilding German power, Japan pounces on the Imperial powers in the Pacific, the Ottoman Empire battles rebels armed with prehuman secrets, a sinister secret society of bankers and scientists fights a shadow war with an ruthless Communist conspiracy, and much more. This sourcebook sets up worldwide warfare in the Haven: City of Bronze D20 setting.

A Pulp style RPG background that could just as easily be used for a wargame background, especially with all the great Pulp, WW1 and WW2 miniatures out there.

The initial preview book is free to download from ( and for the next couple of weeks most of the supplements and the actual campaign book are mostly $1 each, which is well worth the price.

Possible Miniatures

My first port of call is Copplestone Casting (, this company has a good selection of suitable miniatures everything from gangsters through to high adventure. The quality of these miniatures is always excellent I have plenty of these in my Very British Civil War Army, plus several for random Pulp themed games.

The next stop is Pulp Figures (, these are specifically designed for Pulp themed games, and well worth a look.

Artizan Designs ( produce a range called Thrilling Tales which are suitable for Pulp, and I must admit I have quite a few of these as well. They are nicely sculpted and well cast.

Brigade Games ( has a few interesting miniatures lines for the pulp era. The 28mm Adventurers are of course the first choice, with female adventurers and a "Stealth Squad" in dustcoats and body armour.

Well hopefully that wets your appetite.
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