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In Chigh

Travel tips/advice most welcome :)

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I hate to admit this but im ****-scared of travelling, especially in the air. Im going to Bavaria tomorrow, and although i found a cracking cheap flight (Scotland to Munich direct, no stopping at Dusseldorf! Yay!) im still ****ing myself :(

Been so busy orgainising this i forgot to try to wangle some valium off my doctor!

Im so nervous im posting blogs at 2am!
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Real Life


  1. exilesjjb's Avatar
    take a good book or a rule book. generally distract yourself.
    Have fun
  2. In Chigh's Avatar
    Cheers mate

    I will be taking a book, either a Discworld or a Sharpe novel, will decide which at the last minute i guess....
  3. KittenCeleste's Avatar
    ..and an iPod or something similar to block out the noise of the engines. Granted, you can't use them as long as the Fasten Steatbelt sign is on, but for the time inbetween it's fab.
    Chewing gum is handy to have in your bag in case you have troble with the air pressure, wear comfy clothes aaaaand... just chill