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The Wonderful World of Radom!

Curbing the spending.

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Okay, so I am making a deal with myself. I am not going to buy any more mini's with any money NOT earned from painting. That means that I swear from now until the end of this year to only spend cash I earn from eBay, or selling old mini's, or whatever. Maybe the odd commission.

This is doable. I just have to keep some focus. I'm happy that the stuff I put on eBay seems to always sell. Not neccessarily for bags of cash or anything, but it should be at least enough to keep me buoyant in new mini's.

I have no need for anything new. Not for at least a decade. But I just refuse to flat out tell myself to not buy new stuff. I LIKE having a big pile of mini's I can pick and choose from. I also fall victim to the impulse "Get it now" bug. I am very lucky that the LGS does NOT stock the lines that appeal to me the most. Were that the case that I could just waltz in there and pick up the newest mini from Poland or wherever I would be in serious trouble. More so.

So time for me to take stock of what I have that I know I won't paint. That stuff has gotta go. Next I am thinking about selling some of my armies. Out with the old! I will try to do that stuff locally as even if the price isn't great, at least someone here can make use of them and the stuff stays in the community. But we'll see.

Short version, I can only spend on mini's what mini's make for me. Wish me luck!
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  1. Hinton's Avatar
    Good luck, Scott!
  2. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I'm there for you Scott I now how hard this is as i have fail totally :)