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Into The Wamp

Decisions, decisions, decisions

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Ok so I failed in my promise to post a blog weekly but I did warn I would fail! In my defence I had a fair bit on personally and it does sometimes effect my hobby time and Wamp is after all a hobby though it is often better described as an obsession.
Anyway its been a funny period, without going into too much detail I suffer like so many with depression and a lot of the associated problems. Now this is no self-pitying monologue - its a permanent feature in my life that's always been there - its just one of those things. Anyway an even happened the other week that really knocked me for 6 but one thing that did happen (and this suprised me ) was I turned around and thought sod it! I have a few plans for Wamp that have been there a while but have always been 'in the future' type plans - well no more. Why not just go for broke, try them and it will either work or it won't but sitting around pontificating won't make them succeed so expect a few things in the pipeline. I won't say what they all are but I will say that one sees the first Wamp miniature!

The last few days have been pretty hectic. Saturday saw the launch of the third issue of Portal and it seems to have been well received which is great. Now as I readily admit Shane does most of the donkey work with Portal and having someone trained in publishing or some such literary art is a great bonus that really makes the most of the content by making it all look far prettier than I could ever do. (thanks Shane!)
I do get my fingers dirty though and while it can relate to Portal's deadlines its not always directly involved. This latest involved to such things: the first was launching Tradepost - our classifieds section. This was something that I have been after trying for a while but the software wasn't available until now. So I set it up but its not just that simple, what do I call it? How do I set pricing and the like? even little things like how many photos per ad and whether to have multi-currency are all decisions that need making. I do often run these past others for an opinion but at the end of the day its my name above the door so to speak! Why the rush? well I wanted to get it announced in Portal so that meant all this stuff needed to be in place by then so that ads a pressure.
This was also the case for the painters section. Another feature I wanted to mention in Portal so template changes, redirects even things like what to call it and what font to use come into play! Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to just paint all the time without all the site stuff to worry about!!

Another decision I had to make was over the Scibor contest. We were due to hold it next month but I have been having great trouble communicating with them and so I had to decide whether to keep pursuing it or pull this contest. I did pull the contest which I was disappointed to have to do as I do advertise events in advance and I know some people were looking forward to it but I suppose this is the double edged sword you have when you announce things so far in advance.

I'm currently confirming details for the Wamped contest at the end of the year, the hope is it will become our biggest contest and be similar in format to Little Angels. The beauty of this event is it means we can get more sponsor's in. The other stand alone's are great but we have 1 per month and there is only so many months in a year! Plus this multi-sponsor event is better for smaller sponsors that may not have the range for a full contest on their own. That's the hope anyway!! Then its starting to think about next years contests - we already have several of this years sponsors returning which is fantastic but do I approach new sponsors too? If so who, in what order do I run them - its never simple is it!!

Anyway that's all to come, for now I'm recovering from the last few days and looking forward to a day to myself tomorrow to catch up on some painting and earn some cash!

Oh, one last thing before I go is I wanted to thank you all for visiting the site, whether your here all day everyday or you just lurk occasionally! This month we hit some great milestones, firstly we passed 500 members which is fantastic and also Portal had a double whammy. Issue 1 passed 1500 downloads and issue 2 passed 1000, thanks guys and gals.


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  1. Boris's Avatar
    All sounds like good news DL. Your hard work is appreciated :)
  2. Hinton's Avatar
    As Boris said, the hard work really is appreciated. WaMP is hands-down one of the best forums on the net for the hobby (just my personal opinion) and it's because of what you do, both behind the scenes and in front.

    Thank you.
  3. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    I second all the above, you're creating something great here that has attracted some lovely people.
  4. MaGie's Avatar
    I agree with the others! Thank you for creating this great community :)
  5. shanerozzell's Avatar
    Nice one dude:smile:
  6. Cregan Tur's Avatar
    You do a tremendous job of running this place and making it into a fun and fulfilling forum environment. It's honestly the best I've been involved with and I can't believe that it's actually been getting better with age! You have a great vision for this site and I'm very happy to be a part of it as both a member and reviewer. Being a reviewer here is the best part time job I've ever had... and it's unpaid! :D
  7. RobinS's Avatar
    I for one know exactly what its like doing the day to day stuff here, chuck in some worry , are people visiting , posting and so on, how do we keep people interested and then throw real life into the mix (some people forget you have one of those) and it becomes a labour of love very fast. What you have accomplished here is a credit to you.

  8. ogreninja's Avatar
    i agree with whats been said a massive thanks for the work you put in
  9. kdlynch's Avatar
    and yet another thanks for all that you do, Brett! ^^
  10. seasonman's Avatar
    Thanks to all concerned with giving us the opportunity to make friends learn new painting techniques and most importantly enjoy painting and recieving feedback from others ." There are none so blind as those who do not see ". and sometimes its hard to see your own mistakes . Thanks to all once again and if I can help at all call me .