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Gaming on a Budget

Mongoose Publishing Sale

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Mongoose Publishing are selling off some of thier old stock, which includes Battlefield Evolution for 2.99.

Here's the reason why from the Mongoose website;
Here at Mongoose we are planning oodles of new miniatures games for a 2011 release - and that means it is time to clear the warehouse of lots of boxes of older, now out of print goodies.

Our loss being your gain, we are proud to present a range of older Mongoose products, all at very keen prices that are going to keep you in gaming goodness for months to come!

I can recommend this system it relatively easy to understand and play. They have both WW2 Pacific, Modern and a Zombie Apocalypse add on as well, all for 2.99 each. Also on the site are a number of RPG books for Runequest and the old rules for Babylon 5.

Runequest is an good solid RPG system that's been around for a while and well worth checking out, on sale are the GM's handbook along with several supplemental books and two monster books.

Its just a short post today.

Cheers Jason
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  1. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Many thanks warhammergrimace, first met my wife playing Runequest so it has alot of good memories for me, may have to check out what they've got just for old times sake.
  2. Darklord's Avatar
    some nice stuff - thanks Jason