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Random Geek Moments

Oh, the stories!

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Greetings, all!

After some of my work was published in Wyrd Chronicles and the Malifaux rule book, several people asked me if I was working on anything else in regards to writing. The answer was, as usual, ďWell, I certainly have ideas for stories.Ē

There are stories and ideas that have been fermenting in my grey matter for almost 20 years. I could undoubtedly go on at great length about where they came from and why they havenít really seen the light of day yet, but I donít think anyone wants to read through that.

The short version is that I do have stories I want to tell and Iím planning on telling them. After a great deal of debating with myself on what the best medium would be to tell those stories, Iíve finally decided to just write them and put them out there for others to read if they want.

While I wonít get into details (donít want to spoil anything), I can tell you a few things about them. Itís a series of inter-connected short stories that take place on a world called Tarreon. The ideas for these stories came to me a very long time ago (as I mentioned) and, at one point, had even been written down. However, nothing really ever came of them.

Again, a long story that you wonít have to endure.

As of right now, I have the main story arc fleshed out. I know where it starts, where itís going and how it all ends. I know most of the things that are going to happen, although thereís always the possibility that things could change.

Basically, the stories are already there; have been for years. I just need to sit down and actually write them out.

And thatís where we are now.

Iíve started actually writing. Yes, that means Iím putting words to virtual paper at long last. Not sure how long it will take since I would much rather have it all put together and ready to go instead of trying to rush things and winding up with major plot holes or poor continuity.

Bear in mind that this isnít a novel that Iím writing. I donít think I have one of those in me. Each chapter, or section or whatever you want to call them, is a story in its own right. However, each story is related to either previous or future stories.

I plan on releasing each story one at time instead of dropping them in your lap all at once. Not sure what the schedule will be, but I hope to have regular updates. Maybe something like one chapter a week.

After another long debate with myself, I know which story is going to kick things off. However, there are many stories that take place before that one. Theyíre not imperative to the story line itself, but they do give some background on some of the characters. And thatís kind of the problem with them; theyíre not overly exciting or anything.

Anyway, the stories are being written and, if donít weigh myself down with too many projects at once, should be hitting the light of the internet within the next few months.

Which brings me to you, (hopefully) eager reader: will you be coming along on this storytelling journey with me? Will you be willing to take the story in bite-sized portions as we wind our way through this new land?

Just let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. ScottRadom's Avatar
    I'm game for whatever you wanna share, however you wanna share it.
  2. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I will give anything a read
  3. waghorn41's Avatar
    I'd be very interestd to see what comes. Are you thinking of getting them published 'properly'?
  4. Hinton's Avatar
    Even if it's three or four people reading the stories, I'm going to write them.

    @wag: not planning on it; however, who knows what the future might bring.