Well, I seem to work better when I've got a bit of pressure on me, so it is time to sign up to a few new challenges. Given the challenges on WAMP at the minute seem to be single model or single manufacturer, they're not necessarily suitable for what I'm looking to achieve, so I've taken a gander a little further afield.

I've either signed up to - or will be signing up to next weekend - four challenges across two forums. The first of these is sort of an unofficial challenge on DakkaDakka, looking at what goals people were setting themselves for the summer (defined as until the start of September). I initially posted in this one at the end of June, setting myself the following five goals. The ones in green have already been achieved, while the ones in red are still outstanding:
  • Get past 104 painted models this year
  • Run a successful gaming show
  • Take part in the European Team Challenge
  • Paint up any Thornfall Alliance figures for Hordes I've not finished yet (a weapons team, lesser warlock and beast, 10 infantry and a warlock)
  • Get one platoon of Imperial Guard painted - probably Tallarn

As you can see, I've got a fair bit to do when I get back to Sheffield. Having said that, the lesser warlock and beast are WIP at the minute, the warlock is ready for undercoating, and I've got one infantrypig that I need to finish assembling. On the IG front, I need to work on two to three weapons teams, one special weapon, an officer, a sergeant and eight grunts - that'll give me a minimum two squad platoon. If I finish both of those off in time, I'll hit the 104 as well. The completed weapons team for the Thornfall Alliance is shown below:

The second challenge I've volunteered for is the delightfully titled Pimp my Sorceror 40k contest on DakkaDakka (again). It's a fairly simple concept - take one of the new one frame plastic magic-user figures that Games Workshop released to support Storm of Magic, and convert it to a 40k use. I've got the plastic Chaos Sorceror Lord, and I'm looking at either an Inquisitor or a Primaris Psyker as the end result, but we'll see.

Third up is one of two challenges on the Privateer Press forum - the One Thing a Week painting challenge. Set your goal(s) on a Sunday, post your evidence by the following Saturday - job done. I figure with all the work I've got to do for my other challenges, I should be able to feed that fairly easily.

Finally, we have the slightly more controversial challenge on the Privateer Press forums - Fully Painted in 2011: The Pledge. Now, I've got too much PP stuff to be comfortable pledging all of it, but I think I can get away with a faction or two - my Minions, possibly my Trolls. I'll also be including the 50pt eNemo army that I'm working on for next year's European Team Challenge. The Minions are included as I know I want to expand them beyond what I've declared for challenge 1 - Targ has just been released, for instance, alongside the Farrow Slaughterhousers from earlier in the year. I'd also like to add a second, maybe even third War Hog, another Razorback Crew or two, and maybe some more infantry, so it will remain live.

So, what goals have you set yourself for the second half of 2011?