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Sunday Morning, trying to get my mold ready. First mold I made fused togeter and was not able to get it appart. Si today I'm trying the baby powder to make a tiny layer between the 2 molds. I'm happy with the result of the mold tho. Even if the first was scrap it hold the details to perfection. I'll have to do some cleaning i the part B of the mold. Anyway if it doesn't work with this one I'm going to send an email to smooth-on so they tell me how I could do my molds.

Today will be an other day off. I am going to get my daugther at my Mom's house. She passed the weekend over there.

For the painting: I did not clean the miniaure yet. I'm not ready, I would like to have more time for sculpting and painting and doing all my stuff but I work tonight. It's rainy and I don't feel like working under rain.

Hope to have my first cast this week and I'll finish the pregnant elf this week... at least version 1 of it. Version 2 has been underpinned. I'll do it in plasteline. I want to try a different material. ;)