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Conversation Between AaronsMiniatureMen and exilesjjb

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  1. best thing is to go to the new members area and click post new thread then type an intro about yourself then click post thread. You can post up pictures by linking then from an on line account of uploading them straight to Wamp
  2. not sure why you hoplites does not show up, if you start a thread you should be able to post pictures. I think you need to have posted 2 or 3 time before you can link a picture it stops spammers
  3. also james,

    how do i post my mini's so everybody see's them?

  4. hey!

    posted something earlier from some 28mm hoplites on some "blog" thing and it is'nt showing up.

  5. Welcome to Wamp, jump on in and post some WIP people are very friendly here do let poeple know your age though may do an intro in the new members thread
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