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Conversation Between vegascat and Spectral Dragon

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  1. Which color cloak do you want me to give tips on? I specialize in red, black, white, and I have a good theory on how to do a yellow one.
  2. My Pleasure! Here is the help I got from Odinsgrandson:

    "After painting the skin tones, I painted the eyes in black to get the black outline, then painting in the white with Menoth White Highlight with pure white highlights.

    I then painted the entire iris and pupil in black, then used P3 beaten purple for the iris. I highlighted this towards the edge of the pupil with Menoth white highlight, and used brush strokes in lines pointing away from the iris. I made a point of highlighting most of Candy with Menoth White Highlight and shading her with Beaten Purple."

    I basically followed his written directions, but used light brown for the eye color and a dirty yellow for the color highlight. I can try to draw a simple step by step in paint if that would help more. Just let me know!

    After that, I simply added a dot for light reflecting in here eye.
  3. I can tell you how I do cloaks if you tell me how you did those eyes on candy and cola?
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