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Conversation Between exilesjjb and White tiger

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  1. There are a few primary teaching jobs up north if she gets stuck :)
    I did my PGCE at Blackpool and the Fylde (Post-compulsory specialising in Biology )
    No luck as of yet! But i live in Hope!
  2. yes small world, is that where you did your PGCE?. My daughter finishes her teaching degree this summer (primary). You had no luck finding any work I guess?
    Peace James
  3. Hah cool, I used to go to Park Junior/middle/School and live in Denton Terrace behind the civic centre. Now-a-days we live up in Ferry Fryston though. WT P.s. I also went to university in keele, isn't that about 1/2 an hour from Crewe? :P
  4. where in Cas are you?, I used to live on Pontefract Rd more years that I care to mention ago..
    Peace James (exilesjjb)
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