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Conversation Between David and Shades

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  1. Sure enough, David -- I subscribe to James' blog. I've been studying his NMM, and I have yet to figure out how to do it, even though it appears to be a relatively simple approach. I'm just not getting my colors right.

    But, yes, I'm a fan of his style, which strikes the middle zone between high tabletop standard and display standard -- right where I want to be! I saw a lot of his work in person at Adepticon 2013 earlier this year. He won two Crystal Brushes, if I recall. I took a lot of pics of his Tomb Kings army.

    Cheers, and welcome back to WAMP!
  2. Hi Shades,

    I'm sure you've seen these images before but just in case:

    I love James' style. Apparently he trained as a watercolour artist and paints figs using adaptations of watercolour techniques.

  3. Crawling the forums is indeed addictive. I like that term, "displacement activity". I find that if I don't start painting by 8:00 or 8:30, it doesn't happen. Recognizing that tendency helps me make a go/no-go decision. That way, I know I"m making a conscious decision instead of letting it slip by me, which makes me feel guilt.y Ultimately, of course, it's supposed to be a relaxing hobby and not one that self-imposes more stress on ourselves. But, hey, it's a different kind of stress -- a kind of tongue-in-cheek stress, if you will. It doesn't count as much as real stress. In any case, that's just me. As for you, get off your duff and paint! I want to see more pictures of painted minis! ;-)
  4. Thanks Shades, that was a very nice message you left for me. I just wish I could put the same effort into the "doing" of the hobby as I'm putting into the researching and the community aspects of it. The forum is a displacement activity that protects me from having to put my money where my mouth is.

    Hopefully I'll get my paints out tonight and shake off some of those anxieties
  5. Ah, yes. I wanted to thank you for making a substantive contribution to WAMP, but I didn't have time at the time to listen to the program. Thanks for sending the link. I saved it so that I can listen to it during my next painting session (hopefully tonight!). I read a similar account in the book "Gun, Germs, and Steel".
  6. I meant the link I posted in the media forum which you thanked me for. This one:
  7. I missed that, David. But thanks for thinking of me. Any chance you could send me the link via message?


  8. Were you able to get that program on the Incas? It was you I had in mind when I posted it but wasn't sure if you'd be able to access it from non-UK-land.
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