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Conversation Between Darklord and phatkid1966

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  1. posted in wrong box. It was spose to be a PM...such a dumbass.....sigh
  2. Hiya Brett, Just an idea. We have enough noobs of verying degrees having to find solutions to a diverse range of problems painting, sculpting, basing etc. The follow up we see time and time again is one of the Wamp veterans always comes up with the right advice, a link to an article or a point in the right direction. I just thought it could be an idea to pick a problem every week and the solution and publish it in Portal. The result is that just as there are articles to improve the skilled painters there would also be something for those of us in the 101 classes. Whatchya think? Also gutted to read your thread regarding the house m8. It will be a few years but im sure the housing market will pick up. I know it can drive you barmy.
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