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    Thought you guys might be interested in this, just arrived on my doorstep the other day.

    This kit is available from and is priced at 10 plus 2.48 for first class postage.
    So what do you get when you open the box? you are greeted by 10 little resealable plastic boxes, approx 3 inches across.
    In the boxes you will find: Green flock, Light foliage, Light lichen, Dark lichen, Soil scatter, Medium slate, Tree bark, Forest scatter, Fallen branches, and last, but certainly not least Mixed leaves. All materials are good quality, and i must say i am very impressed with the realism of the soil scatter and mixed leaves. I would certainly buy bigger tubs of both these if they become available. You certainly get enough material to base quite a few figures. I am however left wondering why no static grass was included in the kit? surely no woodland base would be right without the odd tuft? Anyway i would certainly recommend this item for anyone looking to increase their stock of basing supplies you certainly can't complain at the price. It gives you a good selection of material. I hope basecrafts will bring refills out for this product as i can cetainly see me using far more of some materials than others, and being from the country myself i find i have no end of rocks and branches and bark available just outside my back door. So to sum up if your looking for a quick one stop shop to base some figures you cant go far wrong (just remember to source some static grass seperately if you want some) thanks for reading, and to all a good night.
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    1. Kaine's Avatar
      Kaine -
      Nice review, refills on all the mini-pots as well as 6 varieties of static grass are all available from the main basecrafts website, retailers such as Mini Heroes just stock the kits as expecting them to stock 50+ different mini pots wouldnt be practical :)Mini heroes is a great store so having the kits there allows people to pick them up alongside their other ranges, such as the Reaper Master Series paints.