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  • Wamp Review: Basecraft's Autumn Basing Kit

    Basecrafts is a new company offering yet more choice in the basing market. Primarily aimed at gamers Wamp looks at their Autumn Basing Kit and see's how it compares with other options out there.

    The basing kit comprises of 10 tubs with various types of basing products. It features:
    • Yellow Foliage
    • Brown Leaves
    • Autumn Flock
    • Autumn Scatter
    • Autumn Turf
    • Burnt Grass
    • Light Red Turf
    • Red Foliage
    • Red Lichen
    • Yellow Lichen

    Each product comes in its own tear drop shaped tub. The tubs are clear and have an easily sealed hinged lid. The tubs are practical and certainly stand out against the bags you often receive this type of product in.
    There is a good variety of colours, mainly red's browns and yellow's to suit the Autumn name.
    The first layer of foliage is the autumn flock and the Burnt Grass. Both are a muted green brown colour and look natural. The flock is very fine, in fact some of the finest grained flock I have come across.. The grass too is also very fine and is short in length so I would look to use it more as a flock rather than as clumps of grass. It helps add a further dimension to your base covering.
    The next layer of products include Brown Leaves, Light Red Turf, Autumn Scatter and Autumn Turf. The Brown Leaves are the Birch seed type commonly seen. They are a good size and scale well with 28mm or there abouts. The colour on them is a palish brown though there is some colour variation creating a realistic effect. Autumn Scatter is Probably the stand out product in the set for me. It is a dep brown that is perfect to recreate the floor covering often seen in pine forests and similar. It is quite finely ground but not so much that it doesn't retain some length and variety. If your looking at basing for a wooded theme this would really enhance the effect. Next in this stage is a couple of turfs. Light Red and Autumn. The Autumn Turf is a reddish brown while the Light Red is a fairly bright hue of red. These come in around 2mm particles and clump together giving you the ability to build up some height and variation onto the base layers easily. These types of turf take washes quite well so its possible to tint the colours if you wished. They also make great flower head glued upon grass clumps.

    The final layer of products are the most coarse in the set, comprising of Yellow and Red Foliage and Yellow and Red Lichen's. The Red Foliage comes with both red and reddish/brown colours in the tub so you can mix and match as you see fit. The Yellow set also comes in a couple of colours, yellow and orange, these been more muted than the red version. This Foliage is a more course version of the turfs and clumps together well, ideally suited to creating bushes or applied to branches to create tree foliage. Having the four colours allows you to create a mottled effect if you wish. The final two products are the Yellow and Red Lichens. These been the largest foliage in the set. These are a mix of oranges,reds and browns but are very muted. These would sit well as a base for shrubs or tree coverage with some of the foliage or even turf applied onto this to give depth and realism to your effect.

    The set as a whole is a very nice range and the variety of colours mean you can introduce some colour without going too far (I wouldn't use too much of the brighter colours but they are great for adding a little splash!) The different particles sizes,shapes and textures make this an easy to use pack especially for those wishing to create quick and easy gaming bases that are more than just the simple painted sand or flock.

    The set of ten tubs is 10 working out at 1 per tub. For me this is excellent value. You get a heck of a lot of bases from that tenner and the variety will suit most people. Although aimed at gamers this set would satisfy a lot of painters too. Some products you would probably use more than others but its cheap enough to garb the whole lot as a set and give yourself more choice when it comes to doing your bases.
    Overall its a great offering from a new company. The price is good, and so is the quality and customer service. If your looking at building up your basing options, it's certainly worth looking at

    Quality: 8/10 nice clean product in useful containers
    Assembly: 10/10 - simple to use and components designed to work together
    Value 9/10 - Excellent value for money - you can finish a lot of Bases for the price
    Overall 9/10 - Perfect for gamers needs and pretty damn good for painters too