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  • Cipher Studios / Hell Dorado

    A New Wave of Hell Dorado has shipped to distributors! There are five new releases: The Damned Ones of Sloth, Fangs of the Pit, Lemure Pack C, Fatina, and Anna Bogla Pavlova, ranging in price from $9.99 to $11.99(us).

    Pics below:
    Damned Ones of Sloth (HD1012, $11.99):

    Fangs of the Pit (HD3011 $9.99):

    Lemure Pack C (HD4003 $9.99):

    Fatina (HD6012 $10.99):

    Anna Bogna Pavlova (HD7012 $10.99):
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    1. Gi6ers's Avatar
      Gi6ers -
      Nice, still waiting for the templar knight to come back.
    1. Pete McF's Avatar
      Pete McF -
      Just posted some Hell Dorado photos in my gallery yesterday- I do like those models ;)