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  • Secret Weapon Steel Invasion Bases

    Secret Weapon has released it anticipated Alien style bases called Steel Invasion. $36.00 for a set of 27x bases, 10x 25mm for $10,00, 5x 40mm bases for $10.00, 1x 60mm bases for $5.00, and 95x120mm oval base for $10.00. I got mine on order, how about you?

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    1. vegascat's Avatar
      vegascat -
      Very nice! can't say I have a use for them at the moment, but very nice indeed.
    1. freakinacage's Avatar
      freakinacage -
      I take it navarro did these?
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
      I take it navarro did these?
      Master models by "misterjustin" and Pedro Nevarro