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  • Wamp Review: Morland Studios Aria

    Aria-Bust-Sept-Resized1.jpgA little while back Morland Studios released the excellent Arian and seals set which Wamp reviewed. They have now released a larger scale bust of Aria but does she measure up against the original?

    The bust is a limited edition of 600 copies with each numbered out of the 600. She is 54mm scale and was sculpted by Patrick Keith whereas the original was done by Julie Guthrie. Patrick has done an excellent job of mimicking Julie's sculpt though there are slight differences in the details though to be honest it's not an issue at all. The sculpt is clean and simple and the not overly fussy. The face is well done and the hair is arranged in a fluid movement which relates to the pose well. Her proportions sit well though and she has a nice stance about her. The bust itself sits onto a flat sculpted base depicting the water and two seals popping their heads from the water . This base is not attached which leaves you the option of whether to mount her upon it or not.

    Aria is cast in white metal and is nice and solid. Casting quality is good, with little mould lines making clean up easy enough and assembly is also simple.

    Priced at $24.95 (around 16) she is about average on value, and is worth the cost.

    All in all this is a nice piece, well sculpted and cast for a fair enough price. The sculpt doesn't quite have the delicate details of the small scale version but its a lovely piece non the less and offers something different to the usual fare of elves's and barbarians. It's a piece that will reward smooth flesh tones and offers some diorama opportunities.

    Quality: 8/10 A nice sculpt and well cast.
    Assembly: 9/10 simple 2 piece cast means easy assembly.Aria-54mm-Bust-Header.png
    Value: 8/10 about average price for this sort of thing.
    Overall: 8.3/10 Well worth a look at for something a little different

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    1. shanerozzell's Avatar
      shanerozzell -
      Good review, I quite like this, not over fussed with the round bottom with the seals but the mermaid is very nice.