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  • Model Display Products Launch Pro Pigments

    MDP are pleased to announce their launch of Pro Pigments, a range of weathering powders made from high quality natural earth pigments for use by modellers who wish to achieve realistic and authentic looking finishes, especially with military and railway enthusiasts where a weathered look is far more desirable. The pigments are commonly mixed with thinners to create a paste or mixed with acrylic resins or varnish and glues to replicate urban, rural, industrial or warfare surface conditions like: dust, dirt, mud, rust or surfaces that are in a state of damage or repair. They can also be mixed with varnish to paint our range of display plinths and blocks as well as ground effects on our range of gaming bases.

    Available in 12 colours individually or as a set, all our pigments can be mixed to obtain different colours and shades.
    Red Ochre (MDP-PP001) a dark rust colour, mix with yellow ochre for light rust
    Burnt Sienna (MDP-PP002) red brick dust or a dark clay earth
    Red Oxide (MDP-PP003) aged rust, mix with yellow ochre for light rust
    Yellow Ochre (MDP-PP004) a yellow sand colour that can also be mixed with red ochre, burnt sienna or red oxide to vary rust colours
    Raw Sienna (MDP-PP005) a good colour for a light dust or desert dust
    Mexico Yellow (MDP-PP006) an ideal colour for a dry tropical earth or jungle earth such as that found in Vietnam or can be used to give variations of colour to rust
    Raw Umber (MDP-PP007) suitable for dry mud
    Burnt Umber (MDP-PP008) suitable for fresh mud, mix with a gloss varnish if you want that wet mud effect
    Van Dyke Brown (MDP-PP009) a very dark earth with a red hue suitable for Eastern European mud
    Cassel Earth (MDP-PP010) similar to van dyke brown but has a grey hue to it and gives a very good concrete, city dust or ash effect when mixed with titanium white
    Vegetable Black (MDP-PP011) very good for simulating soot
    Titanium White (MDP-PP012) can be used on its own or mixed with any of our other pigments to vary the colours and effects.
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    1. shanerozzell's Avatar
      shanerozzell -
      Those pots look expertly designed. Genius!
    1. Captain Sprout's Avatar
      Captain Sprout -
      Really good idea, I was looking forward to seeing what these looked like when you mentioned you were going to produce them.

      On my list for the September mini spend. They look great. I like the labels on the top too.
    1. Joek's Avatar
      Joek -
      They look fantastic, and rather keenly priced Martyn. As with the honourable Cap'n Sprout, I suspect a September order will definitely be forthcoming!
    1. kdlynch's Avatar
      kdlynch -
      Haven't played with pigments yet, but at least now I know where I'll be getting them from when I do get them. :) Very nice, WG!
    1. Darklord's Avatar
      Darklord -
      There will be a Wamp review of these coming up soon
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      Well I'll give 'em a shot!
    1. War Griffon's Avatar
      War Griffon -
      Quote Originally Posted by ScottRadom View Post
      Well I'll give 'em a shot!
      They left in the post yesterday afternoon so hopefully you won't have to wait too long