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  • Grand Opening: Stone Tower Miniatures

    I am proud to announce the grand opening of Stone Tower Miniatures!

    The Squire, sculpted by Chris Clayton, is the first miniature available on our site. Sculpted in 54mm scale, he stands 45mm tall, is cast in white metal, and comes with a resin base.

    We’ve got a lot on the horizon as well. Sculpting of the first figure in our steampunk line, the Gear Slave, has just been completed. Pictures and more information will be available within the coming weeks. The figures in this series will all be 28mm and cast in white metal.

    We will also be releasing a few sets of gaming and display bases in the near future. Exciting things are on the horizon and more details will be posted on the site’s blog as they become available.
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    1. shanerozzell's Avatar
      shanerozzell -
      Congrats mate
    1. Noddwyr's Avatar
      Noddwyr -
      Congrats and best of luck! Looking forward to seeing your steampunk range.
    1. NeatPete's Avatar
      NeatPete -
    1. Jabberwocky's Avatar
      Jabberwocky -
      Best of luck on a successful venture! I'm looking forward to seeing the gear slave...
    1. Bloodthorn's Avatar
      Bloodthorn -
      Congrats and good luck!
    1. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
      Ulfgrimr -
      Good luck with your enterprise Cregan, looking forward to the Gear Slave and the rest of the steampunk line.
    1. Captain Sprout's Avatar
      Captain Sprout -
      Good luck with it! Hope it goes really well for you.
    1. exilesjjb's Avatar
      exilesjjb -
      good luck hope you get plenty of custom
    1. MaGie's Avatar
      MaGie -
      Congratulations! Can't wait to see more of your range :) Good luck!