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  • The Squire- presale by Stone Tower Miniatures

    I am proud to announce the premier miniature for my company Stone Tower Miniatures: The Squire, which is available for presale through our Kickstarter project.

    Squire Main View.JPG

    The Squire was sculpted in 1/35th scale (54mm) by Chris Clayton and portrays the scene of a young man wielding his masterís blade, a sword that is almost too heavy for him to lift, to defend himself in battle. He stands 42mm tall and is a multi part kit: body, arms and sword, dagger, torch, and base. The figure will be cast in white metal while the base will be done in resin.

    My name is Randy Shea, CreganTur on a few different miniature forums, and my goal for Stone Tower Miniatures is to create unique and high quality miniatures that can be enjoyed by collectors and utilized by gamers. By partnering with very talented sculptors I want to bring to life miniatures that are easy to assemble, fun to paint, and unlike anything else out there.

    This exciting first release is just the beginning as I am already designing characters for my next project which will be a series of 32mm miniatures set in a dark steampunk world. The company website is currently being built and will be up before the end of the Kickstarter project., which, currently, is the only way to order this miniature.

    Thanks very much for reading this and I look forward to bringing you more exciting releases in the future!
    Comments 6 Comments
    1. warhammergrimace's Avatar
      warhammergrimace -
      He's very nice, like him a lot..
    1. mercius's Avatar
      mercius -
      A very nice mini, I would love to paint him.
    1. Captain Sprout's Avatar
      Captain Sprout -
      Nice I really like him, how does the presale thing work with shipping etc?
    1. Cregan Tur's Avatar
      Cregan Tur -
      Shipping is included in the cost. If you back the project to any level that receives product, you get free shipping on it.
    1. Iacton's Avatar
      Iacton -
      Baby, baby, baby oh.... I like Young Sir Justin. Backed.
    1. Joek's Avatar
      Joek -
      I really like him. However, the truth of the matter is you really must get Chris to do a HUGE dragon for him to slay!

      possibly another kick-starter project :p

      Good luck though...really hope he does the business for you!