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  • Military in Miniature (Aldershot BMSS) Show

    Military in Miniature (Aldershot BMSS) Show

    Saturday 26th March saw me once again up at silly Oíclock in the morning for a two and a bit hour drive with the WAMP Display over the border and across to Guildford for the Aldershot BMSS Show otherwise known as Military in Miniature. The show is deemed by many to be the first figure show of the year as earlier shows have tended to be put on by the IPMS and although they have some figures are mainly geared towards the AFV and aircraft modeller.

    Arriving at the venue was straight forward enough although I did suffer a few breakages due to all the roundabouts and then the speed bumps on the road leading past the school which was the venue but nothing drastic that a few minutes work with a tube of super glue gel couldnít fix (note to self donít put figures in the boot of the car keep them on the back seats). Not saying I arrived early but it was the first time I have attended a show and helped set up the hall, partly due apparently to changes made on the organiser by the school which seemed to continue throughout the day. 64.jpg
    Military in Miniature is a small show but attendance also seemed to be down this year and it was believed that this may have been due to a clash of dates with a toy show in London. None the less it was a very friendly show and WAMP was made very welcome, our pitch was next to The Basement Forum and the banter was prevalent whilst setting up the display as my helper for the day hadnít turned up and when she did her excuse was a puncture...With The Basement on one side of us the other side was taken up by Celine from El Greco which meant bad news for both Captain Sprouts wallet and my own.

    Besides El Greco other traders included BNS Miniatures, Western Miniatures (flat figures), Just Bases and Anarchy Models along with a few others whose names escape me (sorry). Anarchy Models is a Golden Demon winner and offers a painting service but also on the day was offering airbrush advice and allowing people the opportunity to have a try of using an airbrush and I believe he was quite successful at converting a few people to want to buy one at a future date.

    The painting competition was well subscribed with an excellent representation of models across the range of the hobby and some 15 or so categories judged on the Open System, Basement members had several awards and also to WAMP/Basement Members with Elanlane taking several goldís and two goldís for myself.

    Unfortunately due to the school deciding to hold a basketball match later in the afternoon the show had to end early but otherwise was a very enjoyable day and we got to meet Megazord _man and see some of his work on the display (some nice Orks as well as the tank he has been working on) but although Tadme48 says they attended on the day but he/she failed to make themselves known or bring anything along to go on the display.

    Definitely a show I would go to again though. More photos from the show can be found at Here

    Comments 4 Comments
    1. shanerozzell's Avatar
      shanerozzell -
      Sound like you all had a great day and WAMP got the perfect pitch:)
    1. Darklord's Avatar
      Darklord -
      nice report - Shame about the organisers messing things around
    1. War Griffon's Avatar
      War Griffon -
      More the venue owner than the organiser, I think he only found out that morning when he arrived that the show would have to end early.
    1. Captain Sprout's Avatar
      Captain Sprout -
      Good write up, a small but friendly show with shopping. It was a shame it ended early but it wasn't huge so nothing was missed.