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Wamp - Easy Magnetized Bases
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  • Easy Magnetized Bases

    Magnetic bases are great for movement trays because they hold your pieces securely, which means you can move them around easier without them falling over at the tiniest nudge. A lot of companies sell them pre-made, but in this tutorial I’m going to show you a quick and cheap way you can do it yourself.

    You’re going to need a few supplies for this. Note that I’m using 1” square bases. You can easily adapt this technique for any size or style of base, just make the necessary adjustments.

    Picture 021 (Medium).jpg
    • Magnetic Sheet- adhesive backed
    • Green Stuff
    • Super Glue
    • Piece of cardboard
    • Hobby Knife

    Picture 020 (Medium).jpg
    1. Cut the magnetic sheet into squares the same size as your bases. In my case, 1” squares.

    Picture 022 (Medium).jpg
    2. Place a thin smear of super glue in the corners of the base. For extra hold I went a little onto the inner side, as you can see in the picture.

    Picture 024 (Medium).jpg
    3. You’re going to want your green stuff prepared before this step so the super glue you just placed doesn’t dry out. Stick a small ball of green stuff in each corner on the superglue. The glue will bond almost instantly to the green stuff, holding it firmly to the bottom of your base. This is very important for the next step.

    Picture 025 (Medium).jpg

    Picture 026 (Medium).jpg
    4. Press the base firmly down on the spare piece of cardboard to flatten the green stuff. If any excess is squeezed out, then you can push it back under and flatten it again. Once it’s flat remove it quickly so it doesn’t bond with the cardboard.

    Picture 027 (Medium).jpg
    5. Peel off the backing from your magnetic square and place is squarely on the bottom of the base. Press the entire base firmly against a flat surface to get a good bond between the adhesive, green stuff, and the base.

    6. Set your miniature aside and work on any others you want to magnetize before moving on to the last step.

    Picture 029 (Medium).jpg
    7. Once the magnetic bottom has firmly attached itself to the bottom of your base, you can trim away any excess.

    Picture 028 (Medium).jpg
    Only a few simple steps and you now have magnetized bases! Just apply a layer of the magnetic sheet to the movement tray or display base where your units will live and you’re good to go. Sometimes a miniature might not line up perfectly because of the way the everything lines up with the magnetic sheet, but once you place your whole squad you can generally make the stragglers stay put.
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. Darklord's Avatar
      Darklord -
      Nice and easy tutorial to follow - thanks Cregan
    1. RogerB's Avatar
      RogerB -
      Thanks, CT. My Skaven army is magnetised. I used some plasticard and rare earth magnets on the underside of the bases for them. I went that way as I wanted a strong enough pull to hold the minis on so I could transport them in my case whilst they were on the movement trays. Only problem with that scenario, I found, at least with Skaven and their tails making it difficult to rank them up (talking about the previous plastics here), that I was taking all the time I'd saved not having to set them up on the trays at the club, being used to pack them away and hence more breaking of Skaven tails. Need to rethink it a bit.