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  • Taking on the Dark Arts

    Dark Art Studios turns 12 at the end of the year we manage to catch a few words with Byron about the new Vengeance Miniatures range and the new Table Top game from Dark Art Ė Arena of Doom.

    Hey Byron, please tell us about Vengeance Miniatures?

    The new miniature range is 35mm heroic scale and will be made using traditional techniques out of an alloy metal which is our own formula.

    How did the name come about?

    Vengeance Miniatures was an idea I had in the beginning when we began producing our own miniatures.. The name comes from a record label I own and run called Vengeance Recordings and my production name is Vengeance so it was always in my mind to use this name somewhere along the line..

    Why have you decided to go for producing metal miniatures over resin?

    I love metal miniatures, resins great and you can cast a lot of things that wouldnít be as good in metal.. but theres something authentic about collecting Ďeavy minis.. they hold there value better as they are easier to strip the paint off, The new age 3-d printers canít do metal so until they can there will always be a strong market for them.

    Could you tell us a little bit about the Dark Cast Formula and your production methods?

    Sure, Dark Cast is what we named our Traditional Metal Alloy a formula which I came up with, we went for a lead based alloy as imo this still has the best metal properties for casting miniatures. We plan to offer a lead free formula next year. With regards to casts and mold making, We use a Centrifugal casting machine to spin up the molds. The molds themselves are made from a heat resistant cold cast silicone. we use a pressure pot to stuck all the air bubbles out of the molds as it cure.

    Why have you chosen to go with a 35mm scale for this range?

    This is my scale of choice as a sculptor, as I do most of the sculpting for Dark Art I thought I should try and stick to a scale I enjoy working in.. The Scale isnít set in stone as I advertised it as being heroic so I have a bit of room.. to make things larger than life if I like.. Some of the large knights and monsters look so cool when playing games in any scale. GW seem to be leaning toward larger miniatures so it just made sense to me in the end.

    Youíve just released a new print and play game called Arena of Doom could you tell us a little bit about it?

    The Game is a gladiatorial combat game set in a dark fantasy world designed by Mark Thomas based in the states, it can be played with a piece per player or as many miniatures as you like depending on the points cap for each game.
    The game will use all our current range and is easy to pick up, print and play.

    Mark developed a combat system which is fast paced using cards, counters and custom dice. The custom dice rolling is fast past, so instead of using numbers and charts we decided to use symbols, it keeps things light and fun without getting bogged down in states. As designers and game playing fans we didnít want to overlook the fun aspect of the game play so we opted for a streamlined game system.
    Itís a bloodthirsty combat game featuring a variety of different fractions the winner is the last man standing simple as that!

    You can check out the new Vengeance Range here: Vengence Miniatures

    and the Arena of Doom game & state cards can be downloaded here: Arena of Doom