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  • RGM Review: Miniature Painting Secrets with Natalya

    Another video tutorial has come along and, like others, this one is from one of the best mini painters out there: Natalya Melnik.

    So, how much do we learn in this video series?

    NOTE: This is for the videos, not the DVD set.

    Cool Mini or Not:

    Comments 10 Comments
    1. mercius's Avatar
      mercius -
      Awesome review Hinton...seems to be the consensus on that video...I have yet to hear of someone that has learned anything from it, while lots of people mentioned that they really liked watching her paint. I was really excited when I heard about the video, because I thought it would be more along the lines of Hot Lead or JBT's that I know it isn't I can save my money for some miniature mentor dvds or something.
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      I have to agree with Hinton. I was revved to get it. I certainly DID learn something from the video but that is that I just don't think I can paint with the technique (or her amazing results) like Natalya. Since I bought the DvD I have put it in and watched a couple hours. In that time I downloaded the Todd Swanson Miniature Mentor showing his weathering and painting technique and I have watched it probably 4 times since. It's amazing, informative, and inspiring. The Natalya DvD is inspiring in some parts because of her results, but I found her technique so far from what I have been learning to do that it was borderline confusing to me. I knew it was going to be a tough sell for me when she professed her love of synthetic brushes. I just can't imagine enjoying the qualities of a synthetice vs. a high quality sable.

      She's got mad skills, can't argue that! The DvD left me a little flat.

      Good review Hinton!
    1. Simon.W's Avatar
      Simon.W -
      A good honest review Hinton thanks. I have been debating whether to get this or not but i think i will pass on this one and go for the Thomas David speed painting tutorial from Miniature Mentor instead.
    1. SteveB's Avatar
      SteveB -
      Personally I almost always use synthetic brushes. Don't like the spring on sables.
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      Well, can't argue with your results any more than I could with Alexi Z's Steve. For me going from high end synthetic to high end sable was like night and day.

      Here's a question maybe- Steve do you really dilute your paint quite a bit? I personally do and I like sable for the way it ditributes the paint. But I noticed Natalya doesn't really dilute all that much, so maybe the advantage of a synthetic bristle isn't neccessary with less dilute paint? I'm just curious.
    1. SteveB's Avatar
      SteveB -
      I do dilute my paint though the amount varies. There was certainly a lot of glazing with heavily thinned colours on my GD entries this year. I do notice paint tends to flow off sable brushes more smoothly but I find I have better control with synthetics.

      This all said I understand Natalya has a black undercoat and layering style which is very unusual amongst high end painters but that's also how I approach painting.
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      I did find the DvD kind of eye opening as it did show that the process can vary wildly amongst high end painters. From all the Miniature Mentor stuff and JBT's video I mostly see the thinned down glazing approach.

      I'd love to see a WIP shot or two of some of your painting projects Steve. I am suprised that you use black undercoat, simply because I find a lot of your stuff looks very clean and bright (I think of the mercenary ogre specifically).

      The Natalya DvD won't get too much play around here. My new love is the Todd Swanson MM video. And now that I figured out I can load the video files onto a USB stick and play them on my PS3 it's nicer watching them on my regular TV.
    1. SteveB's Avatar
      SteveB -
      I don't take wip shots in general but I can confirm that the Ogre was done over a black undercoat (I fact, if memory serves, after the black undercoat I gave him a basecoat all over of Scorched Brown).
    1. Vern's Avatar
      Vern -
      Good review, was think of downloading it, but will pass now

      Quote Originally Posted by Simon.W View Post
      Thomas David speed painting tutorial from Miniature Mentor instead.
      It's not bad, it a bit strange though because it TD's tabletop standard (which looks fantastic, but he doesn't 'finish off' the whole mini) - incidentally, it takes him an hour to paint one normal, and 2-3 for his special pieces (git)
    1. Hinton's Avatar
      Hinton -
      Thanks for the comments, everyone!