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Wamp - Professor Sprocket and W.I.D.G.E.T. available for Pre-Order
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  • Professor Sprocket and W.I.D.G.E.T. available for Pre-Order

    Wamp's second release (but first miniature) is a mad-cap scientist called Professor Sprocket who is ably assisted by his hamster powered automaton W.I.D.G.E.T. (Wamp. Intelligent. Dynamic. Gadget. Engineering. Tool.)

    Professor Sprocket and W.I.D.G.E.T. are the leading lights in Goblin Academia. The Professor's research has with the aide of his petulant automaton helped create such wondrous creations as the Gerbil Powered cannon and Grapefruit Goggles, although the highlight of his career was his appearance on Dragons Den with his Gnome operated Scouse detector though unfortunately he didn't secure funding after he accidentally blew up 3 of the Dragons

    Sculpted by Sergey Savenkov and cast in resin. The Professor is 15mm from feet to eyes with W.I.D.G.E.T. slightly shorter, they are 28mm scale. The professor comes holding beaker in one hand and pipe wrench in the other. The set includes both the Professor and W.I.D.G.E.T. as well as two round lipped bases

    We have now made him available for Pre Order. Awaiting casting we expect despatch to be December 2013 at the latest.

    Normally priced at 9.99 for the set we are offering them for 8.99 for anyone that pre-orders them. As soon as the physical stock comes in we will end the pre-order offer so best to take advantage while you can.

    To Pre-order simply purchase in the Wampstore via the following link:

    Pre Order Professor Sprocket
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    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      Okay I'm paid up, but like I said on the order form please just let me know when it's in stock and I'll order some more loot! TY!