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Wamp - Portal 32 available for free download
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  • Portal 32 available for free download

    You want something awesome,cool and dare we say it a little bit sexy? You want it now and you don't want to pay for it?

    OK well why not.

    Portal 32 is here and its a cracking issue, perhaps the best ever? It certainly needs to be good to live up to last months issue that smashed all previous records and firmly showed why Portal is the number 1 digital magazine for miniature painters

    • Salute Show Report and interview with the Warlords
    • Army Painter and Reaper reviews
    • Brindie Interview
    • Dark Messiah Bases give-away
    • Wyrd Miniatures and Studio McVey contest Gallery
    • Painting Skin Tones
    • Infamy Miniatures and Darklands contest Details
    • Interviews with Daniel Gutl (Nathelis) and Scott Hockley (iacton)
    • 'View from the Tower' article
    • News,new releases,Socialise,Mini Radar,Kickstarter News,and gallery
    • Random Musings

    Download issue 32 for free
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    1. Normski's Avatar
      Normski -
      Read this before bed last night! Love it!! DP's skin tone write up is fantastic, will be going back to this issue on a regular basis!!

      Cheers again Brett and to all the Team!!