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  • Kabuki Models - News -

    Taken from their Faceook page -

    "hi guys....sorry for the lack of posts here on FB, but we weren't just enjoying holidays...we were working for you!!
    During the 2013 we'll bring on the market several news, the first will be a little "upgrade" of our range, we born on 2009 as "miniatures for collectors" providing heroes and generals for your armies, we will provide armies too!! The first one is something related to our beloved ROMMEL-X ;)
    The other news is about a new range dedicated to 1/7 busts (first one is Ky-rÓ!!).
    Instead during the second half (better to say the end) of 2013 we will release our first game and starter set! the game is METAL HEART and it's related to mechs...
    On, nuff said better to go back to work ;)"