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  • Video Review Kabuki Models Deh'Ly Lah 21st Century Pin-ups series

    Hi all
    My new review of Kabuki Models Deh'Ly Lah 21st Century Pin-ups series
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    1. vegascat's Avatar
      vegascat -
      Overall, the video quality is great and its nice that you get some close ups of the mini. Your video reminds me more of "unboxing" videos that I've seen before. Not bad, but not really what I'd call a review. In video reviews, I like to hear the reviewer state something about the mini, good or bad, hence the "review" portion. Things like the following:

      How the model compares to others in the genre or model line.
      How expensive the model is compared to others of the same quality.
      Point out some of the details. A lot of details are hard to see/notice when the models are bare that someone who doesn't have the model at hand might miss.
      Maybe point out how this model would work well in X army(ies).

      You could even put text of this information in if you want to keep your nice music intact.

      Nice video, just needs a bit more for me to really think of it as a review.