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Wamp - Want To Be An Official WAMP Reviewer?
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  • Want To Be An Official WAMP Reviewer?

    Have you read the official WAMP reviews in Portal and on the site and wanted to be a part of it? Do you have informed opinions on miniatures and are you able to clearly express them in writing? If so, then you may be interested in knowing that the WAMP Review Team has a position that needs to be filled and we are looking for someone, and it might be you, to fill it!

    Our official reviews are based on strict scoring criteria in 3 different categories:
    • Quality – How well manufactured is the product? In terms of miniatures this will relate to cast and sculpt quality.
    • Assembly- How easy is it to put together? Is this a product for experts only? Has assembly been thought of within the design?
    • Value- Does the product represent good value for money? Compared to similar products is it similar priced? Are you getting what you pay for?
    The scores are all out of 10 and are combined into an overall score. Products scoring high enough are awarded a WAMP seal of approval (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) that the manufacturer can use on their website and for marketing the reviewed product.

    A good article covers these three scoring criteria, but it also goes a little further. We want our reviews to be comprehensive, so we also look at:
    • How would it be to paint this figure? Easy, hard, fun because of specific details or good for freehand?
    • What is it good for? If the figure is not part of a game system, then could it be? Would it make a good hero unit or stand-in for an army, or is it purely for decoration?
    • It’s place in the hobby. Does the figure get lost in the noise when you compare it to similar miniatures, or is there something that sets it apart or above other pieces?

    Photographs are required for every review. Sometimes these are official graphics from the manufacturer, but sometimes photos from the reviewer are needed so the ability to take clear photos is a must! If a piece has a specific problem you mention in your article, then you may want to take a pic of it to add to the article. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    We are holding open submissions for the open review team position. To enter, all you have to do is review something that is hobby related (miniature, paints, books, tools, etc).

    Use the scoring criteria as stated: quality, assembly and value all scored from 10. An overall score also from ten (though this doesn’t have to be whole numbers (i.e. its fine to use 8.7 or 6.2 as a score here). Include the manufacturer’s information (price, contact information), as well as basic information about what you are reviewing (sculptor, material).

    Submit your reviews as articles to the website. They will be published as user reviews after the selection has been completed. To submit an article to the review section, follow these steps:
    1. Click on the Articles link at the top of the page
    2. Click the Reviews link in the Navigation pane (right side of the Articles screen)
    3. Click “Go” next to Create Article
    4. Type or paste in your review and Save it

    The deadline for all reviews is Friday, December 14th at 12:00 PM (Noon) EST. Any articles submitted after this time will not be reviewed for the position. Our articles are due on deadline, so you want to show how punctual you can be!

    Official reviewers for WAMP are expected to write at least 1 review per month. In most cases WAMP provides the products to be reviewed and the reviewers get to keep them as payment for their work. Official reviews are published in Portal magazine and in WAMP’s “WAMP Reviews” article section.

    Yes, we currently only have a single opening, but we will keep the names of all the top entries in case another position opens up. And, who knows- if you impress us enough there could be a new position created.

    Get typing and good luck!

    Please contact me (via PM or email me at reviews@wampforum.com) if you have any questions.


    Randy Shea
    WAMP Review Team Leader
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    1. Sparks's Avatar
      Sparks -
      Gutted I missed the deadline, had a rubbish week of not feeling well and didn't get a chance for a more recent review! Good luck to anyone who managed to get theirs in though.