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  • WAMP review: Guild of Harmony - Maria Poppets and Albert

    steampunk_maria_and_albert5.jpgThis review centers on the two miniatures Maria Poppets and Albert, from the Guild of Harmony steampunk collection. Following the well-known story, the two miniatures form a couple and are sculpted as one fitting piece (several parts, mind you). This piece comes as a limited edition resin edition, though maybe in the future a metal version will also be released.

    One thing to mention is that I personally am a huge fan of this steampunk line and Sebastian Archerís (owner and sculptor for Guild of Harmony) sculpting. I will, however, try to maintain a neutral view for this review :)

    Maria Poppets1.jpg

    Maria Poppets and Albert are packed in separate plastic bundles and come with an authenticity certificate, which includes the production number. Also included is a 25mm round base.

    Maria Poppets6.jpg

    Maria.jpgMaria Poppets
    This miniature consists of several parts: the main body, a right arm (which is connected to Alberts left arm), a left hand with the holdfast of the umbrella, and two pieces for the umbrella. The pieces fit very well together as the umbrella design is very cleverly made. Although the material is not heavy, I would add some pins when assembling this mini.
    The resin is very strong and does not bend. I did not find any bubbles in the cast and there are also no visible mold lines. Some flash can be found here and there, but a quick swipe with a toothbrush should get rid of that easily.
    All the tiny details (of which there are plenty) are translated very crisply by the material. The edges remain sharp and no shape has been lost in the casting. I would say, for this figure, the cast quality is really superb.

    This mini consists of three parts: the main body, the left hand (which is attached to Mariaís right arm) and the right hand holding some kind of tool (maybe to clean the chimney). The left leg of the miniature is attached to a chimney piece.
    Also for this piece I did not find any air bubbles and there is very little flash. The only part that will need some fixing is the mold line on the back of the figure, which runs through to the chimney. The material is easy to file, so it shouldnít be too hard to get rid of the mold line. But some miss-casting appeared with it on the chimney, which will require some filling with green stuff.
    For the other details, Albert is of the same quality as Maria.

    Maria Poppets3.JPG

    Maria-Poppets-and-Albert.pngThe whole piece
    Assembling the two miniatures should not be too difficult, but some pinning could help to strengthen the connections. I do think it will require some patience, and I would also not recommend it for people new to the hobby.
    The two miniatures are really meant to make one piece, and the poses of the two individuals makes for a quite dynamic piece. It is nice to see how well these characters from the story have translated into steampunk miniatures whilst still retaining the look and feel of their origin. A good conversionist (for the lack of a better word) would be able to separate the two figures and use them in different pieces, if they wanted.
    The steampunk genre is mainly identified by mechanical parts, such as cogs and wheels. These miniatures are adorned with such pieces, but I don't think it's overdone. Every single detail is sculpted with careful attention and adds to the feel of this piece.

    Quality: 10/10
    High quality resin with incredible detail. This is a unique piece, capturing a lovely story

    Assembly: 9/10
    No air bubbles, little flash, but some work needs to be done on Albert. The pieces fit well together, but assembly requires some experience.

    Value: 9/10
    This deal comes with two highly detailed miniatures, made of the highest quality of resin. I think the price is absolutely more than worth it.

    Overall: 9.5/10
    What is not to like about this piece? Great translation of both the story and the steampunk genre. With this set you will get a lovely limited steampunk piece for your collection. I believe, with this piece, Guild of Harmony is, once again, setting a high standard for resin miniatures.