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Wamp - IMPORTANT NEWS: Portal Magazine
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  • IMPORTANT NEWS: Portal Magazine

    I wanted to make you aware of an important development regarding Portal.

    After Decembers issue of Portal Shane will be stepping down from the magazine and as moderator.

    I would like to say thank-you to Shane for his hard work and dedication over the 30 months he has put Portal together. He has been a real driving force behind the magazine and helped make it the No1 free monthly magazine dedicated to Miniature Painting.
    So thanks Shane and on behalf of Wamp I wish you all the best.

    Unfortunately it also means that as things stand the next issue of Portal will be the last.

    I would like to see the magazine continue as I believe in it and its place in the hobby. Its widely regarded around the world and each month its download numbers increase. It helps bring a lot of awareness to Wamp which in turn helps the forum to flourish.

    What I want to try and do is put together a team of people that could help produce Portal every month.

    What I am looking for is people that can commit each month and are enthusiastic about Portal and Wamp. Whilst a part of the team would need some experience in designing and laying out the magazine (CS5, Adobe Creator,etc) I also need others that could help collate content.

    Each member of the team would receive a percentage of the revenue from each issue of Portal.

    If you are interested in getting involved please pm me.

    I won't lie, it's been a very hard year personally and Wamp has had some bad luck (losing 90% of its income because of Maelstrom and Wayland situations) and now this on top. I have seriously considered shutting it down!!

    I do however hope that this development can be used as an opportunity to create an even better Portal Magazine but I can't do it alone. Wamp is full of enthusiastic and generous people that give so much back to the community and I hope a few of you could come together with me and keep Portal going. If not well Bon Voyage and thanks for the memories!


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    1. warhammergrimace's Avatar
      warhammergrimace -
      PM me Brett, I may be able to help