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  • Wamp v Wayland Games Legal action

    As you may be aware Wamp recently announced legal proceedings against Wayland Games Limited in respect of advertising fees. I would like to inform you that following discussions Wamp and Wayland Games have come to an amicable agreement to bring the dispute to full and final closure to the approval of both parties.

    Both myself and Wayland Games would like to put this matter behind us and as such I would ask that we consider the topic closed and that we discuss the matter no further. Despite the dispute I would like to state that Wamp members are free to discuss hobby related topics with regards to Wayland Games and Tabletop Nation on Wamp and there will be no censorship of such matters outside of our standard forum rules.

    I would like to express my thanks to everyone that has supported Wamp throughout the matter and it has been humbling to experience such support from our community.

    Thank You