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  • WAMP Review: Studio 38 - Iron Heart Sentries

    WAMP review: Studio 30 - Iron Heart Sentries
    Material: Resin
    Manufacturer: Studio 38
    Price: $15.00


    From the Studio 38 website (translated from French):
    Alkemy is a strategy game that takes place in a fantasy context.

    For this review, I am taking a look at the two “Iron Heart Sentries” miniatures. These minis are part of the Empire of the Jade Triad: Humans of the triad of Jade Empire are the oldest Mornea nation. Their long history includes many martial teachings and scientific advances, including one that has changed the face of the world: Alchemy.


    The sentries are packed in a blister packaging, and each consist of: the main body, a right and left arm, a scabbard. Also included are two 25mm scenic gaming bases.
    One of the two minis has a rather statuesque standing position, while the other is in a charging position. The proportions are very good, while this is not so clear on the box art the pictures of the actual casts do show this. I’m not a big fan of the charging mini, because his left arm seems to be in rather strange position when looked at from certain angles.


    The miniatures are made of a light grey dull resin, that caries detail incredibly well. The belt buckles and armour have very crisp edges and also the faces show great cast quality. I have only found a few air bubbles, that are easily fixed. Some minor mold lines are visibleon the sides of the miniatures, but they should be easily removed, which is also eased by the workability of this resin. Only the mold line on the left side of the standing miniature is quite strong and will require some green stuff to be fixed nicely. Additionally, the swords are not bend at all, and seem to be quite solid.
    The separate arms can easily be glued onto the miniature, as the corresponding parts fit together very well. Considering the light material, pinning is probably not necessary for these parts.


    Funnily enough, one of the two sentries seems to be missing the left part of his moustache. I can’t make sure if this is also the case on the box art. So either you consider his moustache lost in a fight, a fashion statement, or you should try to paint or sculpt it on yourself.

    The blister pack contains two bases. One base with stones and a bone, and one with a dragon face (this last one is not included on the box art, however). The details on the bases are very good, and also the cast quality is super.

    From a painters' point of view, I think there are plenty of options for these miniatures. There are not so many large areas, so freehand is probably not very suitable for this miniatures. But I can see a lot of options for creating great non metallic metals, and bold colours. But I think true metallics will probably look even better on these minis, and you have plenty of spots where you can apply some interesting rust effects. I can also envision some nice fabric/texture effects on some of the cloths. Too bad there is not more skin showing, because I think a tattoo would also look very nice on these guys.

    Quality: 9/10
    The minis have nice proportions, and are cast in high quality resin that captures details really well

    Assembly: 8/10
    Some mold lines can be found, and very few air bubbles. The pieces fit well together.

    Value: 7/10

    For 15 dollars, you get two highly detailed resin miniatures that really stand strong together. Decent deal, I would say.

    Overall: 8/10
    Great quality miniatures. Cast quality is really high for miniatures designed for gaming. So if you’re looking for some nice samurai warriors, also for display painting, these minis are a good option.