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  • Hangar 18 Miniatures October Release

    Hangar 18 Miniatures Photo Backgrounds Now Bigger and Better In A2 Size

    The original compact size (11 x 17 in or A3/Tabloid) photo backgrounds were very well received. However, we have received many requests for bigger size background for larger models and vignettes/small dioramas.

    We are very pleased to announce that the Studio Series Hi-Def Photo Backgrounds are now also available in A2 size (16.5 in x 23.4 in) for a price of $24.99. The A2 size is approximately twice the size of the A3/Tabloid size (11x17 in). See the size comparison below:

    Each Hangar 18 Miniatures photo background is printed on the same high quality, flexible and durable material as the original. These photo backgrounds are not only easy to install and clean, but they can also be backlit to create a more dramatic effect. See it in action:



    Check the complete selection of Hangar 18 Miniatures Photo Backgrounds:

    Green Gold A3 size $14.99 A2 size $24.99
    Northern Sky A3 size $14.99 A2 size $24.99
    Grunge A3 size $14.99 A2 size $24.99
    Antique Leather A3 size $14.99 A2 size $24.99
    Antique Parchment A3 size $14.99 A2 size $24.99
    Midnight A3 size $14.99 A2 size $24.99