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  • Dark Art Miniatures - Preview - Tombs of the Dark Sun RPG set

    Dark Art Miniatures - New Release - Tombs of the Dark Sun RPG set

    WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING ADVANCE ORDERS. This product will be released on 2nd November 2012


    This extensive and highly-detailed set comes pre-tinted in 'Ghostly Grey'* and only 1500 sets will ever be produced. Vacuum-cast by an experienced resin caster means that the sets are cleanly cast with minimal (if any) air bubbles.

    Price = 80

    The extensive set includes:

    (1) Certificate of Authenticity
    (1) 'The Awoken of Dwar Ri An' mini adventure suitable for most RPG's

    (4) 1x2
    (4) 2x2
    (4) 3x2
    (4) 4x2
    (4) 5x2
    (4) 4x2 curved passages
    (4) 45 degree cuts

    Room tiles
    (4) 4x4
    (4) 2x2
    (4) 2x2 curved quarter tiles
    (4) Crescent tiles
    (1) 4x4 feature tile

    Feature pieces
    (1) Upper stairway
    (1) Lower stairway
    (1) Stairway going down
    (1) Double doors (with removable doors)
    (2) Archways
    (2) Iron gates (with removable metal cast gates)
    (2) Stone doors (with removable doors)
    (2) Long feature walls
    (2) Short 'dead end' feature walls
    (2) Stone statues
    (4) Stone pillars
    (1) Broken pillar
    (1) Double feature pillar
    (2) Upright caskets (with workable sliding lids)
    (3) Different caskets with removable lids

    An equivalent of 278 squares of floor space giving you a staggering 6950 sq ft of adventuring space at 28mm scale!
    A truly immense set leaving you wandering the domains of the dead for years to come.

    *Please note that the pre-tint may vary from set to set.