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Wamp - Hasslefree: 20% off BOOBS!!!!!
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  • Hasslefree: 20% off BOOBS!!!!!

    This should get the bloody pressure rising.

    To celebrate 'No Bra Day' (Which is Saturday October 13th for those of you who wish to participate), from now until sometime Sunday morning, we shall be offering 20% off all of our tiny women who were made in the spirit of such a day, including the clothed ones which Kev sneakily made specifically to be lacking support so to speak :D

    To make it easy for you I've even organised them into a nice little section **happy-no-bra-day!**

    (This and forums will be the only place it's advertised, no newsletter this time as the word 'booty' got us autorecognised as spam on 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' so Lord only knows what this sale would do to our spam percentage! ;) so feel free to spread the word)

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    1. Lyn's Avatar
      Lyn -
      Hahaha! thats awesome!