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  • Hasslefree - New Releases - Veda Ann + Sgt. Spanner + Hazmat + Armatures

    Hasslefree - New Releases - Veda Ann + Sgt. Spanner + Hazmat + Armatures

    Veda Ann, Fantasy Shieldmaiden

    A sword, shield, curves and scale mail, what else do ya need? First up this month is the dynamically posed Veda-Ann, with some beautiful detail work on the shield itself (Which you should feel free to mention to Kev on our FB page that you'd like released as a separate sprue into our Armoury section)

    Veda-Ann is another addition to our Fantasy Humansrange. Kev has had a little fantasy itch of late and Veda-Ann joins Sana and Ferrus as a particularly tasty looking group of heroes and heroines.

    Sgt. Spanner, Narcissistic Hero

    Everyone's a Hero in their own waaay, except Sgt Spanner is more of a Hero than you and he's not afraid to remind you of it. Dashingly handsome and caught during a quick bit of showing off for the crowds/cameras, Spanner is ready for action. Just don't let him sing.

    New Hazmat Additions

    Next up, from the sculpting hands of Ebob, we have a brand new Hazmat Team consisting of 3 more Troopers armed with G36cs and one with a flamethrower. We've also added a Comms Specialist complete with laptop and coming soon will a technician with geiger counter and you'll be able to buy the flamethrower trooper as a stand-alone to bulk out the original Hazmat Team!

    More Female Armatures!

    With the sculpting competition come to an end (Updates on that HERE) we've had a lot of requests for Kev to add more female armatures to the one released for the contest. Kev, for a change, caved and we now have 2 more Female Armatures, that I've taken to calling 'Singing' and 'Dancing', in more dynamic poses for prospective sculptors to get their hands on.

    Coming Soon

    The next releases should, barring accident, injury, postal loss, hijack or act of god, include yet another addition from Kev's scratching of his fantasy itch (That looks weird now I've written it down) that we've named Guillermo. Also the aforementioned final (for now) additions to the Hazmat Teams, a new variant of Officer Nick, the currently unnamed spacefarer version of Hamlet (Get your name suggestions in HERE) and the much asked for human versions of Grymn Air Support Officers Hogan and Almos - Commander Michaels and Admiral Edwards.