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  • Skullminifig - Offers - Flames of War Sale

    Skullminifig - Offers - Flames of War Sale

    US ARMY DEAL RRP 74 OFFER PRICE 62 SAVE 12 Engineer Combat Company (winter),M1 57mm gun (winter),M5 3in gun (winter), Bazooka Teams (winter),Artillery HQ (winter) BNIB

    German SS division RRP 81 offer price 70 SAVE 11
    SS Infanterie Platoon, SS Machine-gun Platoon,SS Mortar Platoon,SS Pioneer Platoon, SS-Panzergrenadier Command,SS Heavy Machine-gun Platoon,SS-Heavy Mortar Platoon BNIB

    US Paratroopers RRP 43.50 special offer price 35.00 you save 8.50 in the pack :- parachute rifle platoon,parachute MG platoon,parachute mortar platoon,parachute bazooka teams BNIB