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  • Titan Forge - New Release - Gator Diver Team

    Titan Forge - New Release - Gator Diver Team

    New Titan-Forge miniatures in Blood sail Island Series. Gator Diver Team are two wonderful miniatures.

    Bloodsail Island captains have plenty tricks up their sleeves when it comes to waging war on the seas. Some prefer straight brute force, sailing their ships at full speed to crush with the enemy vessels. Others like to attack by surprise, catching their foes unprepared for any fight. Gator Divers are favourite units used in this type of sneaky actions. Swimming silently near enemy ships, the giant reptiles allow their riders to approach their prey unnoticed.

    This set contains enough parts to build two Gator Divers (version #1 and #2):
    - Gator emerging from water x 2
    - Wooden Saddle x 2
    - Diver body with left hand x 2
    - Right hand with Crab-claw weapon
    - Right hand with Turtle-shell mace
    - Diver's head x 2
    - Diver's helm x 2
    - Air pipe x 2
    - Air tank x 2
    - Harpoon backpack x 2
    - Harboon blades x 4
    - Bell rack
    - Bell

    Master model sculpted by Sławomir Kościukiewicz.

    35 Euro