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  • WAMP Review: Sherlock Holmes


    Review by: CaptainSprout

    This is the first mini from a brand new company, Infamy Miniatures run by Jamie Griffiths.

    While this is a mini review, I think a little time out to commend a couple of things is well worth it as this is a first product. This is a mini fan bringing his minis and his love of games to the rest of us. Like minded mini making at its best if you like. It takes vision and no small courage to delve into this side of the hobby, so itís worth giving some props to the fact this new mini is on the market and to spare some time to go and check out the website which can be found here;

    Itís a quality site with a blog and interesting information on the vision behind the minis (and the coming game), indeed I think some bigger companies could take a leaf out of this book. It feels like Jamie has really spent some time thinking all this feels professional from the start and that can only be a great sign for the future.

    I looked at the site before I had the model and was impressed, but as Mr Holmes would say

    ďIt is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit factsĒ

    so let's turn to the model now its in hand and see if it lives up to the build up!

    The mini is described on the site as

    The Kingpin of the London underworld, with a terrifying intellect matched only by his calculated evil, there is no crime in the city that Sherlock Holmes is not a part of in some way. His empire of crime spans the big smoke like a tangled web, and branches out across the globe, linked to terror on all four corners of the earth.
    and he fits into an alternate 19th century London which has twisted what we think of as Holmes (and other characters to follow) into a bit of an evil nutcase with robot arms and sinister intent. This is not so much the Baker Street hat wearing sleuth of the black and white films but more Basil Rathbone after he has gone into a mixer with a hoover and some medical equipment and a dose of bad attitude. The cocaine must flow pretty well in the Baker Street flat this Holmes resides in.


    The sculpt is from the talented former lead Rackham sculptor MIKH, a man with a lot of style, used by leading companies from Soda Pop to Maelstrom and Helldorado. Its offered in a limited run of 250 to start with.

    The model comes in a white cardboard box with good foam inserts which protect the model in its inner plastic bag. This is a good way of making the model packing professional and keeping the mini secure. With the box in its jiffy bag it arrived in excellent condition with no breakages or squashing. Also in the box is a limited edition run art card / certificate about the size of a cigarette card, with a painted mini on the back (and quite a paint job it is) and a concept art picture and mini issue number on the front. This leaves the modeller with no doubt that this is a boutique mini taking a line in values from the likes of McVey and Kingdom Death in terms of approach to getting the mini to the customer. It feels collectible.

    The steampunk style Sherlock comes in 9 parts, with body, hand, backpack and six arms. Four arms can be added to the model, leaving some handy (see what I did there?) spares. Itís all cast in a pale grey resin that feels good to touch, not soft and not too firm or brittle. Cutting a bit off the casting sprue shows the resin doesnít splinter.

    This is a comparatively small mini in 32mm scale and the detail packed in a little space is quite the sculptor has managed to do that in a tiny area practically defies belief. If you liked Rackham minis this is not in the same style but it has the same artful touch of adding the little details in the right places (there is a little timepiece on the belt which is just a treat). There is also a pleasing expanse of plain but flowing coat for the painter to play with blending or freehand and this helps the model feel well balanced and not crowded. The coat also features some very good drapery and it hangs just calls for some leather effects and has the right weight to be a leather coat but could also be painted as something else.

    The arms are attached via a clockwork backpack and there are also some touches here to enjoy..a little hookah so Holmes can have a fix on the move and a great big syringe so he can give one to a few others too. He wears a steampunk style pistol in his belt and has a robotic arm and hand. There are locating holes to ensure the modeller can line everything up nicely and the fit of backpack to figure is good and wonít require any filler. As the parts are so light Sherlock should not need any pinning. The arms offer lots of choice and its a shame not to be able to attach them all..perhaps some weeny magnets or just buy two.

    The casts are clean and well defined and the resin has picked up the detail very well. There are no missing edges and no soft bits..the weapons look like they could actually have an eye out. There are a few bits of resin casting excess to remove but cleanup should be easy for all modellers used to resin and anyone else can get along with some light grain sandpaper and a bit of care. The arms and accessories come on sprues which keeps them from bending and they are easy to attach.

    This mini will suit collectors who like a limited run and something a little special and modellers looking for steampunk figures or just to get into the game. It will really most appeal to painters who can use its great little details to create something stunning. I think done with a bit of an OSL on a small street scene this would just look amazing.

    Alternatives to this model might be in the slightly larger scale in the Smog range (which is also a form of steampunk mixed with Carny gone mad) but there is nothing quite like this model in this scale..which is also good to see.

    Jamie has a starter project running to fund his next release, Dr Watson. It looks a great model and if its as good as this first one then this is a startup to remember. I'd encourage model fans to support this great initiative and help get the next model out on our model tables. You can read more about that here and see how much he has raised already.

    I think its easy to see how much I liked this model. On its own its a quality cast, an interesting subject and well realised by a sculptor who sits high in the profession. It also works in context and while not a gamer and not likely to pick the game up I like the coherent vision and where the mini fits. It just works. And thatís gold in the hobby every time.


    Quality: 10 / 10. From the packing to the cast to the mini overall this is one of the nicest minis I have seen (and I have a lead mountain the size of well..its a mountain). It just delivers and itís what models are meant to be about.

    Assembly: 9 / 10. The mini has some cleanup to complete, but nothing to alarm anyone. A bit fiddly to get all the pieces in place but on the bright side if you lose an arm there is another one spare!

    Value: 9 / 10. The mini retails at £13.99 which is in the same range as other boutique minis in this scale. This sort of mini at this price is not really going to attract mass number gamers and its good value for all the little touches and extra bits.

    Overall: 10 / 10. Iíve never given a 10 review before and I am pretty critical of the models I get, because I think we as modellers deserve great models for our hard earned cash. On that basis however a great model deserves a great mark.

    And, as the great man said, ďWatson here will tell you that I never can resist a touch of the dramaticĒ.
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. Darklord's Avatar
      Darklord -
      Wow! high praise indeed. Reminds me of the SMOG stuff. thanks for a great review
    1. Demonn's Avatar
      Demonn -
      Great review (but I believe Henrietta Jeckyll was the first Infamy mini out, though)! I just received my model and I must agree with everything stated - great model, lot's of intricate details. I just hope my paintjob can live up to the sculpting the mini has.
    1. Sparks's Avatar
      Sparks -
      Fully agree. The only problem in my eyes is how easily snappable everything is. But that's down to my clumsy hands. I tried fitting the Watson into his base and snapped his hydraulic leg...
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      Nice, good review. Certainly grabbed my attention to this line and it's upcoming releases.